In the fashion industry, luxury has long been associated with products created from rare materials such as precious stones, gold or even leather and furs obtained at the cost of worldwide ecological and social disasters that had a disastrous impact over centuries. We believe that today, the greatest luxury that we can afford to ourselves as well as to future generations, is a clean environment in which we can live by choosing brands with an ethical policy towards their partners and products with the lesser impact on the nature. 

We have launched Kethoom in 2021, driven by the desire to prove that what makes the value of a product is not the scarcity of raw materials, but the intelligence, originality and know-how demonstrated by designers during the creative process. Inspired by minimalist currents, the chaos of nature, the beauty of the bizarre and the unusual, Kethoom is founded by Jeremy Albayrak and Bihter Taspinar, to bring a new perspective into fashion through handmade and sustainable clothing and accessories, preferably from recycled materials.

Born in 1991, Jeremy Albayrak initially works as a digital marketer in the yachting industry where he will strongly be committed to the protection of the environment against mass tourism. His atypical life journey including entrepreneurship, travels and encounters with incredible characters into design, art and fashion emerges a new passion within him. Kethoom is the result of this passion, and a made in France desire to change the world for the better. Jeremy is fluent in 4 languages and is also interested in music, photography and filmmaking.